October 1, 2002


Dear Citizens of Caddo Mills and it's Alumni,




The Board of Directors of the Security Bank in Caddo Mills has agreed to provide the old Play/Opera House, that later became the old Masonic Lodge building (1914 - 1985), to the Caddo Mills Historical Society (CMHS). This will allow the preservation of one of the oldest buildings in our town. The purpose of the restoration is to provide the citizens of Caddo a much needed facility for a Chamber of Commerce; a common place for the community to honor and preserve the history of our businesses, citizens, veterans, schools, churches and culture.


There is a very high level of enthusiasm in the community for this project. Many people are asking for more details on our plans and have volunteered money donations to assist in this effort. We hope this memo will help define our plans/vision.


CMHS is currently in the planning stage and has the following objectives:


1.        Restore the building to its original condition to the extent possible.


2.        Provide a space for the Chamber of Commerce to display local information, a part time attendant to operate a WEB site and answer telephone calls.


3.        A section honoring Caddo Mills War Heroes through plaques, pictures and displays.


4.        A library of books, videos, CDs, etc. to provide for local citizens who find it difficult to use out of town facilities.


5.        Multiple sections to display and preserve items relating to the history of our schools, churches, businesses and community in general.


6.        A section for displaying arts, crafts and antiques of the local area.


7.        A stage with small seating area that reflects the buildings original purpose.


8.        A kitchen/meeting area for small groups to gather and conduct the business of the community.


CMHS has preliminary estimates for the restoration including lights, air conditioning, structural repairs, etc. Estimated costs are approximately $30,000. Plans are to raise money through fund raising projects, individual contributions, grants and the support from the Caddo Mills Community Development fund.  Sustaining funds for continued operations are expected to come from visitor contributions and community contributions. Donations can be mailed to the following address:

  Caddo Mills Historical Society, P.O. Box 536, Caddo Mills, Texas  75135


What is needed now is a commitment from you our community. CMHS looks forward to your support and welcomes your ideas. We hope you share the excitement we have for this project. This historical building is the last opportunity for the Caddo Mills community to have such a facility.




Caddo Mills Historical Society


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