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Senior Officers

1974 Alexander, Michael Student 3rd
1974 Alexander, Shirley Student 4th
1974 Allman, Angela Student 1st
1974 Andrade, Annette Student 6th
1974 Andrade, Connie Student 9th
1974 Andrade, Gus Student 11th
1974 Andrade, Oscar Student 7th
1974 Andrade, Raymond Student 11th
1974 Andrade, Renaldo Student 4th
1974 Andrande, Dora Student 2nd
1974 Arrington, Donald Student 6th
1974 Arrington, Kevin Student 5th
1974 Arrington, Nancy Student 4th
1974 Arrington, Richard Student 10th
1974 Arrington, Rolanda Student 9th
1974 Ashey, Debra Student 1st
1974 Ashley, Erie Student 7th
1974 Ashley, Gayla Student 8th
1974 Ashley, Rhonda Student 10th
1974 Ayers, Shanna Student 1st
1974 Ayers, Stephanie Student 3rd
1974 Barker, Joseph Student 1st
1974 Bates, Joyce Student 11th
1974 Bentley, Ben Student 1st
1974 Bentley, Buel Ray School Board Vice President
1974 Bentley, Pam Student 10th
1974 Bentley, Reid Student 5th
1974 Blackwell, Lisa Student 3rd
1974 Blackwell, Sheri Student 1st
1974 Blagburn, Deloris Student 2nd
1974 Blagburn, Francis Student 6th
1974 Blagburn, Joyce Student 9th
1974 Blanton, Beverly Student 12th
1974 Blanton, Clarissa Student Kindergarten
1974 Blanton, Dorene Student 4th
1974 Blanton, George Student 5th
1974 Blanton, James Student 10th
1974 Blanton, Kasondra Student 1st
1974 Blunt, Carolyn Student 12th
1974 Blunt, Danny Student 9th
1974 Blunt, Kathryn Student 10th
1974 Bost, Randall Student 1st
1974 Bowen, Mark Student 8th
1974 Bowen, Pam Student 11th
1974 Bowen, Perry Student 7th
1974 Bowen, Rhonda Student 2nd
1974 Bowen, Sheila Student 11th
1974 Bowen, William P. Superintendent  
1974 Boyer, Barbara Student 9th
1974 Boyer, James Student 4th
1974 Boyer, Johnny Student 5th
1974 Bragg, Bobby Student 7th
1974 Bragg, Connie Student 2nd
1974 Bragg, Greg Student 9th
1974 Brooks, Armelia Student 7th
1974 Brooks, John Student 12th
1974 Brooks, Kay Student 9th
1974 Brooks, Louise Student 12th
1974 Brown, Robert Student Kindergarten
1974 Buchanan, Brian Student 2nd
1974 Buchanan, Jerry Student 5th
1974 Burch, Rusty Student 12th
1974 Burch, Scotty Student 10th
1974 Campbell, Teresa Student 6th
1974 Carr, Mrs. Thelma Tax Assessor  
1974 Cast, Becky Student 6th
1974 Cast, Sheldon Student 10th
1974 Chapman, Jeff Student 2nd
1974 Chapman, Wade Student 6th
1974 Childers, Mrs. Linda Teacher 5th
1974 Clack, Jimmy Student 12th
1974 Clark, Dianne Student 4th
1974 Clark, Parius Student 2nd
1974 Coleman, Walter Bus Druver  
1974 Combs, Andy Student 5th
1974 Combs, Angela Student 1st
1974 Cotten, Theda Student 10th
1974 Cox, Philip Student 3rd
1974 Crawford, Danny Student 2nd
1974 Cupp, Kelly Student 1st
1974 Cupp, Laurie Student 5th
1974 Cupp, Monty Student 7th
1974 Daugherty, Cindy Student 10th
1974 Daugherty, Debbie Student 5th
1974 Daugherty, Donna Student 7th
1974 Davis, Annie Student 7th
1974 Davis, Dyann Student 8th
1974 Davis, Jennifer Student 1st
1974 Davis, Jim;my Student 5th
1974 Davis, Lisa Student 2nd
1974 Davis, Mary Student 6th
1974 Dixon, Billy Student 6th
1974 Dixon, Bobby Student 9th
1974 Dixon, Charles Student 3rd
1974 Dixon, Glen Student 1st
1974 Dixon, Karen Student 1st
1974 Dixon, Linda Student 6th
1974 Dodson, Dana Student 4th
1974 Dodson, David Student 1st
1974 Dodson, Diane Student 6th
1974 Doty, Donna Student 10th
1974 Doty, Judy Student 5th
1974 Doty, Sheily Student 12th
1974 Doty, Sonya Student 8th
1974 Doty, Vicki Student 1st
1974 Douthit, Todd Student 7th
1974 Drake, Lisa Student 4th
1974 Drake, Patricia Student 2nd
1974 Drake, Richard Student Kindergarten
1974 Drake, Teresa Student 5th
1974 Drum, Billy Student 5th
1974 Drum, Debra Student 2nd
1974 Drum, Tosha Student Kindergarten
1974 Duffey, Craig Student 3rd
1974 Eastup, Debra Student 11th
1974 Elmore, Jessica Student 5th
1974 Emerson, Tim Student 11th
1974 English, Shonda Student 2nd
1974 Erickson, Cecile Student 8th
1974 Erickson, Glenda Student 12th
1974 Erickson, Karla Student 6th
1974 Erickson, Lori Student 5th
1974 Erickson, Rene Student 9th
1974 Farmer, James Student 10th
1974 Farmer, Karen Student 8th
1974 Farmer, Philip Student 1st
1974 Farr, Chirs Student 12th
1974 Farr, Keith Student 6th
1974 Farr, Randy Student 12th
1974 Fleming, Billy Student 4th
1974 Fletcher, Connie Student 6th
1974 Fletcher, Divion Student 6th
1974 Fletcher, Willie Student 10th
1974 Foley, Thersia Student 9th
1974 Follis, Mrs. Ella Librarian  
1974 Fox, Cathy Student 11th
1974 Fox, Eddie Student 3rd
1974 Fox, Susan Student 9th
1974 Fultz, Martha Student 10th
1974 Garlington, Roger Student 8th
1974 Garlington, Ronney Student 11th
1974 Garlington, Rudey Student Kindergarten
1974 Gavin, Mrs. Linda Teacher 7th
1974 Gavin, Stacy Student 5th
1974 Gavin, Stevie Student Kindergarten
1974 George, Rhonda Student 4th
1974 Gill, Dewayne Student 10th
1974 Gill, Julie Student 9th
1974 Gill, Linda Student 12th
1974 Gill, Rena Student 7th
1974 Gilmore, Lana Student 8th
1974 Grant, Arma Mae Student 2nd
1974 Grant, Larry Student 6th
1974 Graves, Greg Student 11th
1974 Graves, Guy Student 8th
1974 Graves, Mike Student 4th
1974 Gray, Cynthia Student 3rd
1974 Gray, Miss Judy Teacher High School
1974 Gregory, Bobby Student Kindergarten
1974 Gregory, Joey Student 4th
1974 Gregory, Sharon Student 2nd
1974 Griffis, Cindy Student 11th
1974 Griffis, Miss Barbara Teacher High School
1974 Griffis, Mrs. Kathryn Teacher 1st
1974 Griggs, Chad Student 2nd
1974 Griggs, Todd Student Kindergarten
1974 Grimes, Chris Student 10th
1974 Grimes, Miss Kathy Teacher Kindergarten
1974 Gwin, Debbie Student 9th
1974 Gwin, Donny Student 6th
1974 Hamilton, Mrs. Francis Teacher 4th
1974 Hammond, Grdeg Student 2nd
1974 Harge, Charles Student 1st
1974 Hargett, Jennifer Student Kindergarten
1974 Hargett, Shirlene Student 3rd
1974 Hays, Mrs. Marjorie Teacher High School
1974 Heath, Wendy Student Kindergarten
1974 Helton, Travis Student 1st
1974 Henderson, Joy Student 2nd
1974 Hill, Mr. Richard Teacher 6th
1974 Hill, Richard Bus Druver  
1974 Holland, Jeff Student 12th
1974 Hollon, Bret Student 9th
1974 Hollon, Christi Student 4th
1974 Hollon, Greg Student 7th
1974 Holt, David Student 11th
1974 Holt, Ricky Student 11th
1974 Holt, Scott Student 1st
1974 Hooker, Mrs. Patsy Aid, Teacher  
1974 Hooten, Leette Student 2nd
1974 Horton, Tommy Student 9th
1974 Houser, Larry Student 9th
1974 Hughes, Don Student 5th
1974 Hughes, Hud Student 3rd
1974 Hughes, Jimmy Student 8th
1974 Hughes, Larry Student 11th
1974 Hughes, Sherry Student 12th
1974 Hughes, Stephen Student 8th
1974 Hughes, Tonny Student 8th
1974 Isom, Cindy Student 7th
1974 Isom, Vickie Student 9th
1974 Jackson, Billy Student 7th
1974 Jackson, Terry Student 3rd
1974 Jackson, Tracy Student Kindergarten
1974 Jenkins, Janice Student 4th
1974 Johnson, Jeff Student 1st
1974 Johnson, Jill Student 5th
1974 Johnson, Joe C. School Board Secretary
1974 Johnson, Justin Student 6th
1974 Johnson, Larry Student 2nd
1974 Johnson, Teddy Student 2nd
1974 Johnson, Terry Student 4th
1974 Johnson, Tony Student 5th
1974 Johnston, Lisa Student Kindergarten
1974 Jones, Effie Lunchroom  
1974 Jones, Janet Student 10th
1974 Jordan, Mrs. Non Teacher High School
1974 Jordan, Shawn Student 1st
1974 Judge, Ricky Student 7th
1974 Karr, Mrs. Shannon Teacher High School
1974 Karr, Sid Student 3rd
1974 Karr, Stan Student 5th
1974 Karr, Steve Student 6th
1974 Katchinska, Tina Student 1st
1974 Kelly, Kathy Student 6th
1974 Kimberlin, Tammy Student 5th
1974 King, Michael Student 4th
1974 King, Michelle Student Kindergarten
1974 King, Phil Student 12th
1974 Kohn, Greg Student 2nd
1974 Kohn, Rick Student 7th
1974 Krodle, Jerry Student 11th
1974 Krodle, Rickey Student 7th
1974 Leake, Karla Student 8th
1974 Lee, Dennis Student 7th
1974 Lee, Jerri Student 7th
1974 Lee, Karen Student 11th
1974 Lee, Mrs. Francis Teacher 2nd
1974 Lee, Mrs. Jeanette Teacher 3rd
1974 LeFavers, Lesa Student 10th
1974 Lewis, Anthony Student 4th
1974 Lewis, Connie Student 2nd
1974 Lewis, Dorothy Student 7th
1974 Lewis, Sandra Student 6th
1974 Lindsey, Connie Student 8th
1974 Lindsey, Thomas Student 5th
1974 Locker, Laura Student 7th
1974 Locker, Mike Student 11th
1974 Locker, Teresa Student 12th
1974 Mardtin, Larry Student 8th
1974 Marlar, Kim Student 4th
1974 Martin, Gary Student 4th
1974 Martin, Miss Betty Teacher High School
1974 Martin, Richard Student 6th
1974 Martinez, Margarita Student 11th
1974 McAbee, Connie Student 5th
1974 McAbee, Dwayne Student 7th
1974 McAbee, Jeanna Student 2nd
1974 McAbee, John Student Kindergarten
1974 McCaslin, Kara Student 7th
1974 McCaslin, Pat Student 12th
1974 McCaslin, Roger Student 5th
1974 McClain, Randy Student 10th
1974 McClain, Rex Student 8th
1974 McClain, Ricky Student 11th
1974 McClendon, Mr. Ronnie Teacher High School
1974 McClendon, Ronnie Bus Druver  
1974 McClendon, Ronnie Principal High School
1974 McGinn, Regie Student 1st
1974 McKay, John Student 7th
1974 McKenzie, Danny Student 3rd
1974 McKenzie, Greg Student 1st
1974 McKenzie, Robert Student Kindergarten
1974 McKenzie, Vicki Student 7th
1974 McMahan, Mark Student 4th
1974 McMahan, Tod Student 8th
1974 Melton, Kristene Student 1st
1974 Miae, Keith Student 7th
1974 Miles, James Student 7th
1974 Miles, Michael Student 9th
1974 Miles, Ramona Student 10th
1974 Miller, Alejandro Student 2nd
1974 Miller, Cathy Student 8th
1974 Miller, Kelly Student 3rd
1974 Miller, Michelle Student 5th
1974 Miller, Mrs. Barbara Teacher High School
1974 Miller, Ramon Student 7th
1974 Miller, Sonya Student 12th
1974 Miller, Sylvia Student 7th
1974 Mize, Beth Student 9th
1974 Mize, Christina Student 1st
1974 Mize, Cynthia Student 12th
1974 Mize, Mike Student 6th
1974 Mize, Staci Student 8th
1974 Mobles, David Student 12th
1974 Moore, Jerry Student 10th
1974 Moore, Shelia Student 7th
1974 Moore, Terry Student 9th
1974 Morena, Guadalupe Student 2nd
1974 Morgan, David Student 11th
1974 Morgan, Debra Student 7th
1974 Morris, Barbara Student 4th
1974 Morris, Nancy Student 2nd
1974 Morris, Sheila Student 6th
1974 Moss, Trannes Student 7th
1974 Neal, Mary Student 12th
1974 Neal, Ricky Student 11th
1974 Nelson, Rex Student 3rd
1974 Nelson, Stacy Student 1st
1974 Nelson, Tina Student 3rd
1974 Newman, Modene Lunchroom  
1974 Noles, Rodney Student 2nd
1974 O'Pry, Tammy Student 6th
1974 Pamela, Alexander Student 2nd
1974 Payne, Danny School Board  
1974 Payne, Mrs. Vickie Aid, Teacher  
1974 Payne, Rowdy Student 3rd
1974 Payne, Tracy Student 1st
1974 Phillips, Dianna Student 9th
1974 Piazza, Joe Student 4th
1974 Piazza, Missy Student 7th
1974 Piazza, Suzanne Student 3rd
1974 Poe, Gary Student 9th
1974 Poe, Hope Student 10th
1974 Poe, Kathy Student 4th
1974 Pope, Tony Student 7th
1974 Porter, Ashley Student 2nd
1974 Poteet, Greg Student 8th
1974 Powell, Fredna Student 11th
1974 Price, Philip Student 1st
1974 Pruitt, Phil Student 10th
1974 Purdue, Carolyn Student 11th
1974 Putman, Glen Student 10th
1974 Ragan, Charles Student 5th
1974 Ragan, David Student 8th
1974 Ragan, Delbert Student 7th
1974 Ragan, Leon Bus Druver  
1974 Ragan, Leon Custodian  
1974 Randy, Ragan Student 1st
1974 Rector, Danny Student Kindergarten
1974 Rector, Edison Student 11th
1974 Rector, Freda Student 10th
1974 Rector, Howard Student 6th
1974 Rector, Margaret Student 8th
1974 Rector, Timothy Student 2nd
1974 Rector, Wanda Student 6th
1974 Reeves, Steven Student 2nd
1974 Salter, Bryan Student 5th
1974 Salter, Charles Student 7th
1974 Salter, John Student 10th
1974 Samples, Gary Student 8th
1974 Samples, Larry Student 11th
1974 Samples, Robin Student 5th
1974 Sanders, Sarah Student 9th
1974 Sellers, Mr. Troy Teacher High School
1974 Simmons, Mechelle Student 3rd
1974 Simmons, Mrs. Bertha Teacher High School
1974 Simmons, Ricky Student 7th
1974 Singleton, Michael Student 9th
1974 Smith, Arithia Student 7th
1974 Smith, Barbara Ann Student 4th
1974 Smith, Bobby Student 6th
1974 Smith, Carmen Student 11th
1974 Smith, Gary Student 1st
1974 Smith, Ruby Student 8th
1974 Smith, Sylvia Student 10th
1974 Sneed, Teresa Student 7th
1974 Snyder, Thomas Student 10th
1974 Spearman, Joe Student 11th
1974 Spearman, Toni Student 8th
1974 Starkey, Carolyn Student 7th
1974 Starkey, Eileen Student 6th
1974 Starkey, Jo Ann Student 7th
1974 Stephens, Bobbie Student 11th
1974 Stephenson, Greg Student 4th
1974 Stephenson, Lorraine Student 3rd
1974 Stephenson, William Student 2nd
1974 Stevens, Robert Student 6th
1974 Stevens, Robin Student 9th
1974 Stone, Pam Student 11th
1974 Stone., Mr. Charles Teacher High School
1974 Stroope, Bret Student 8th
1974 Stroope, Cheryl Student 7th
1974 Stroope, David Student 4th
1974 Stroope, Shelia Student 6th
1974 Sumrow, David Student Kindergarten
1974 Sutphen, Lisa Student 5th
1974 Sutphen, Rita Student 10th
1974 Swafford, Burch School Board  
1974 Swafford, Lee Student 4th
1974 Swearingin, Belinda Student 6th
1974 Swearingin, Jeneace Student 6th
1974 Taylor, Connie Student 7th
1974 Taylor, Mark Student 6th
1974 Taylor, Steve Student 9th
1974 Thomas, Kathy Student 3rd
1974 Thomas, Kay Student 6th
1974 Thomas, Kevin Student 6th
1974 Thomason, Betty Student 12th
1974 Thornhill, Janice Student 5th
1974 Thornton, Donna Student 3rd
1974 Tipton, Mr. Phil Teacher 6th
1974 Tipton, Phil Bus Druver  
1974 Toliver, Irene Student 6th
1974 Toliver, Patty Student 2nd
1974 Toliver, Verna Mae Student 7th
1974 Tredway, Tracy Student 3rd
1974 Tucker, Glenda Student 4th
1974 Tucker, Janet Student 6th
1974 Tucker, Jason Student 3rd
1974 Tucker, Ruby Student 8th
1974 Tucker, Tammy Student 1st
1974 Turner, Angie Student 7th
1974 Turner, Brian Student 5th
1974 Turner, Carol Student 12th
1974 Turner, Cheryl Student 9th
1974 Turner, Debbie Student 11th
1974 Turner, Karen Student 6th
1974 Turner, Lynn Student 10th
1974 Turner, Mr. Bill Teacher 8th
1974 Van Devender, Fred Bus Druver  
1974 Van Devender, Mr. Fred Teacher High School
1974 Vation, Billy Student 12th
1974 Vaughan, Barta Student 2nd
1974 Vining, Helen Student 3rd
1974 Vining, John Student 1st
1974 Vining, Robert Student 4th
1974 Wade, Anna Student 6th
1974 Wade, Jack Student 10th
1974 Wade, James Student 8th
1974 Wade, Mark Student 9th
1974 Walker, Gary Student 12th
1974 Walker, Kelly Student 7th
1974 Walker, Lisa Student 3rd
1974 Walker, Mrs. Glenda Teacher High School
1974 Wallace, Charles Student 12th
1974 Wanda, Toliver Student 2nd
1974 Waters, Tim Student 4th
1974 Watson, Clay Student 2nd
1974 Watson, DeRisa Student 12th
1974 Watson, Gloria Student 11th
1974 Watson, Jackie Student 7th
1974 Watson, Tia Student 1st
1974 Weatheread, Billy Student 3rd
1974 Weatherly, Herb School Board President
1974 Weatherly, J.W. Student 11th
1974 Webb, Naomi Lunchroom  
1974 Webb, Tim Student 7th
1974 Weeks, Mrs. Judy Teacher 7th
1974 Weems, Roy Student 6th
1974 White, Calvin Student 4th
1974 White, Freddie Student 10th
1974 White, Lisa Student Kindergarten
1974 White, Michael Student 7th
1974 Whitman, Greg Student 1st
1974 Whitmire, David Student 5th
1974 Wiggs, Johnny Student 11th
1974 Wilkins, Shelly Student 4th
1974 Willaby, Caren Student 4th
1974 Williams, Brady Student 1st
1974 Williams, Bryon Student 2nd
1974 Williams, Charles Student 10th
1974 Williams, Don School Board  
1974 Williams, Donald Student 3rd
1974 Williams, Dwayne Student 5th
1974 Williams, Fanny Student 8th
1974 Williams, Gary Student 6th
1974 Williams, Gloria Student 1st
1974 Williams, Juanita Student 6th
1974 Williams, Polly Student 6th
1974 Williams, Rhonda Student 1st
1974 Woodson, Michael Student 3rd
1974 Wooldridge, Robbie Student 4th
1974 Wooldridge, Vickie Student 2nd
1974 Wright, Karla Student 2nd
1974 Wrinkle, Brenda Student 6th
1974 Wrinkle, Danny Student 7th
1974 Wrinkle, Jannie Student 2nd
1974 Wrinkle, Jimmy Student 9th
1974 Wrinkle, Thomas Student 4th
1974 Wygal, Doug Student 10th
1974 Young, James Student 5th

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